Islami Andolan to encircle Myanmar embassy on Sep 13

Poriborton Correspondent / ৫:০৯ অপরাহ্ণ, সেপ্টেম্বর ০৮,২০১৭

Islami Andolan Bangladesh has announced a program to protest around the country and encircle the Myanmar embassy in Dhaka demanding to stop to persecution of Rohingyas. Central leader of the organization Mufti Fayzul Karim announced the program ahead of a protest rally in front of Baitul Muqarram Mosque on Friday.

He also said, "Rohingyas are living in Arakan for hundreds of years, but their government says that they are not citizen of that country. If they are not citizen of that country, then Arakan is a part of Bangladesh. If Rohingya persecution in Myanmar is not stopped, then the Muslims of Bengal will be united and cross Naf River to invade Arakan."

Addressing the Prime Minister, Faizul Karim said, "The Turkish first lady visited here already, but ou the Prime Minister could not go there. If you remain silent like that, you cannot ride the boat again, boat will sink."



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