Khaleda is also Razakar: Inu

Poriborton Correspondent / ৪:৪০ অপরাহ্ণ, সেপ্টেম্বর ০৩,২০১৭

Information Minister Hasanul Haque Inu commented that license to practice politics for those who cannot abandon the collaborators and murderers should be cancelled. He said, "the right path of democracy cannot be found searched with murderers of August 21 and militants. Begum Khaleda Zia is in politics with Razakars (collaborators) and murderers. Counting that way, she too is a Razakar. So her license for practicing politics should be revoked."


Inu said these while he was talking at the 25th year anniversary of Burapara-Miton High School in Kushtia on Sunday.

The information minister said, "One cannot differentiate between good and evil in Bangladesh politics. Democracy is discussed in the Parliament, but there are no discussion about Razakars and murderers of '71 and '75. This is sad for democracy."

Inu said, "Begum Zia has no scope of apologizing. She will face trial. We do not want to hear 'fatwas' about election from her. We want to know if she will abandon the Razakars and murderers. "

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Kushtia Moshtak Ahmed, District Education Officer Jayedur Rahman and others were also present at the program.


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