21 parties say 'good bye' to 58-Party-Alliance of Ershad

Poriborton Correspondent / ৮:১৯ অপরাহ্ণ, আগস্ট ২৭,২০১৭

Jatiya Islami Mahajot consisting 21 parties has left the '58-Party-United- National-Alliance' led by Jatiya Party. The Jatiya Islami Mahajot's Chairman Khaja Mahib Ullah Shantipuri made the announcement in Naional Press Club in this regard on Sunday.

Jatiya Party Chairman H M Ershad announced the formation of 58-Party-Alliance on May 7 this year.

Khaja Mahib Ullah said, "Despite being the leader of 58-Party-Alliance, Ershad in a press conference in Rangpur Circuit House on august 22 announced that Jatiya Party will participate in next parliament election as a single party and nominate candidates in 300 seats."

"So, we are doubtful that Ershad may leave us to join another party. Under hese circumstances, we have withdrawn ourselves from the 58-Party-United- National-Alliance'," he added.

The 21 party leaving the alliance are, Bangladesh Manabadhikar Andolan, Bangladesh Islami Liberal Party, Jatiya Ganatanrik Federation, Bangladesh Islami Liberal Party, JAia Ganaantrik Federation, Bangladesh Janaa Party, Jatiya Ganatanrik League, NAP Bhasani, Olama MAshayekh Samannay Parisad,  Khelaphata Sangram PArishad, Bangladesh Islami Janakalan Party, Jaiya ISlami Andola, Khelafat Andolan Bangladesh, Bangladesh Akimuddin Majlish, Shati Pratistha Andolan, Islam iMulyabodh Sangrakkhan Pary, Islami Samaj Kalyan Andolan, United Islami Front, Bangladesh Ittehadul Muslemin, Bangladesh Liberal Part, Khelafat Bastabayan Party, Jatiya Shariah Andolan, and Jamaatul Muslemin.



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