'Someone called me when I was pulling rickshaw in Mintu road '

Poriborton Correspondent / ৩:৩১ অপরাহ্ণ, জুলাই ১৪,২০১৭

''I had to pull rickshaw for Bhoyonkor Sundar. I pulled rickshaw through crowd in Nababganj Road, Bhabna was passenger. Before that, I had to practice. Someone called me, when one day I was pulling rickshaw in Mintu road. When came nearer, he could recognize me and greeted me with respect.' said Kharul Alam Sabuj when he was recounting his experience of acting in the film 'Bhoonkor Sundar.' He shared his experience at the press conference organized for the release of the film.

Sabuj also said, "Often acting in films seems like acting in drama, but this one appeared like a film alright."

'Bhoyonkor Sundar,' directed by Animesh Aich, will be released on August 4.

The story of the film was based on Moti Nandi's 'Jaler Ghurni and Bakbak.' Bangladeshi actress Ashna Habib Bhabna acted against Parambrata Chaterjee from India. The move was produced by Square Film Company.



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