Girl with ‘Treeman’ syndrome went under successful surgery

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The first girl with ‘Treeman’ syndrome in the world named Sahana Khatun has gone under surgery in capital’s Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH).

The coordinator of Burn and Plastic Surgery Unit of DMCH Dr Samanta Lal Sen, confirming this information, told that the operation was successful. Shahana is well now. Dr Samanta Sen expresses hope that no more surgery will be required

Sahana Khatun, daughter of the patient named Abul Bajandar who has this rare ‘Treeman’ disease, got admitted in Dhaka Medical College hospital at the end of last month.

There are roots in chin, nose, ears of Sahana Khatun who is a student of class 3 in Netrokona.

Dr Samanta Lal Sen said before surgery, “The roots in the face of Sahana are much less comparing to those of Bajandar.

While admitting in the hospital, there was a kind of scare in the face of Sahana. Doctors hope that her childish restlessness will come back after surgery.

Dr Sen also said, “When Bajandar came to us, it was a new disease to us. We never saw this before. Doctors still have not found the reasons behind this disease. May be it is for genetic reason or may be for something else.”

Meanwhile Dr Samanta Lal Sen has informed that five patients of this disease including Sahana had been identified. And just because this type of patients is found, doctors are thinking right now about research about the trends and prevalence of the disease.

Like blood sample of Bajandar, tissue and blood sample of Sahana will be sent to America. The one who was involved in research with the samples of blood and tissue of earlier Treemen will examine everything.”

Doctors think that it is an urgent need to think about how to cure from this disease. After the completion of successful surgery on Sahana Khatun, doctors hope that Sahana will be able to go back home within two weeks.






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