LDP trying to manage both sides!

Dhaka, Wednesday, 23 January 2019

LDP trying to manage both sides!

8:30 pm, February 10, 2017

LDP trying to manage both sides!

Though Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) avoided the January-5 national election keeping faith to Begum Khaleda Zia, now it is worried about Zia Orphanage Trust and Zia Charitable Trust corruption cases.

If the cases make Khaleda Zia disqualified to participate election or jailed, existence of BNP-led 20-party ally may fall into threat.      

Though LDP earlier showed anti-government stance in different meeting and seminars since joining the BNP-led ally, now the party has taken a strategic position. The party is now trying to regain its intimacy with the ruling party though still is a part of 20-party ally.

Top leaders of several partners of the BNP-led ally took part in a programme arranged at an embassy of an influential country in Dhaka.  The leaders talked with Awami League Secretary General Obaidul Quader in an intimate atmosphere.

Though the 20-party ally is criticizing over the newly-formed election commission, LDP is taking preparation ahead of the upcoming election.

LDP President Oli Ahmad was elected as an MP from Chittagong, contesting the election with ‘umbrella’ symbol in December 29, 2008 independently.

Now Oli Ahmed is running election campaign to contest the next election independently if any complexity is created in the ally.

He is keeping contact with different social organizations in his area. Already, council procedures in different level in the party also have been held.

LDP Secretary General Dr Redwan Ahmed joined BNP by its Founder President Ziaur Rahman. He was elected MP four times consecutively with ‘ears of paddy’ symbol from Comilla. Redwan Ahmed was made State Minister for Liberation War Affairs Ministry when BNP-led 4-party ally forms government in 2001. In that time, Oli Ahmad had a deep relation with Redwan Ahmed revolving with BNP. When Oli Ahmad left BNP in 2006, Redwan Ahmed accompanied him. In 2008, Redwan Ahmed was defeated in the election of 2008, participating it with ‘umbrella’ symbol from LDP. Now he is trying to strengthen the organizational activity in his area ahead of upcoming election. Some other LDP leaders also are willing to contest the next election. But they are not so visible in the programmes of 20-party ally or LDP in their localities.  

An electoral fervor is being felt in the political arena of the country, since the formation of new Election Commission (EC).

While asked about preparation for election, LDP Senior Joint Secretary General Shahadat Hossain Selim told poriborton.com, “We are in the grand-ally, oh sorry! We are in 20-party ally. There are 24 candidates in our party who will contest the election from the ally. They are interested to contest the election. I have given them green signal for running electoral campaign in their respective areas. Procedures are going on aiming that.”

When asked about whether there had any fear regarding Zia Orphanage Trust and Zia Charitable Trust corruption cases, he said, “We are obviously frightened about that and it can be said that they would handed over punishment to Begum Zia at any cost. It is almost sure as the trials of the cases are in progress.”

He said, “The government is harassing different persons in different ways. The military government did the same during the 1/11.”

 “Practically, all the cases filed against Awami League leaders have been withdrawn. But they didn’t withdraw the cases against us and we don’t have any chance to get escape. The cases against Madam Khaleda Zia and other leaders were filed under the control of military government of 1/11. Those cases are still effective against all in the same manner. If the government is clean, then they will want BNP to participate the election.”

Regarding electoral campaign, LDP Secretary General Dr Redwan Ahmed told poriborton.com, “Our electoral preparation is that of 20-party ally. We don’t have any separate preparation. But our candidates are running electioneering in their respective areas.