Bobby forms new political party

Dhaka, Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Bobby forms new political party

2:56 pm, November 23, 2016

Bobby forms new political party

Bobby Hajjaj, son of billionaire Musa Bin Shamsher and former adviser of former dictator Hussain Muhammad Ershad, is going to form a new political party.


A T M Golam Mowla Chowdhury, recently resigned from Jatiya Party, is helping him to form the party. had an exclusive interview with these two persons about their leaving Jatiya Party and forming new political party. They told about their political dreams and future plan. Readers read the first segment of three-part report:

A new political party is waiting to debut in the country. The name of this newly formed party is 'Jatiyotabadi Gonotantric Andolon,' in short NDM. Much discussed and criticized billionaire Prince Musa Bin Shamsher's son Bobby Hajjaj is in position of the chairman of the party. Bobby Hajjaj made his debut in the political arena of the country in 2012 as the special adviser of the former dictator Ershad. But he came to the discussion at the time of national election in 2013. When there was confusion on whether Jatiya Party (Ershad) would participate in the election or not, Bobby came in front of the media as the political advisor of Ershad to announce Ershad's decision. But he moved from the scene before the election.

Bobby came to the discussion for the second time when he became independent candidate in the mayor election of Dhaka City Corporation in 2015. This time he has announced to form a new political party.

This reporter on behalf of has talked with Bobby Hajjaj at their family organization Dedco in capital's Banani area on Monday. There are special security in alert position starting from the ground floor to Bobby Hajjaj's room. And in the walls, there are photographs with expensive frames of his businessman father Musa Bin Shamsher and his related news that have been published in the newspapers and magazines.

When asked about forming new political party, Bobby Hajjaj informed, "There is a lot of progress. The whole country is under development process."

About his forming new political party, he said, "There is no effort seen in the political leaders to give what the country and nation expect from them." The son of Musa claims that he did not see any responsibility among the political parties to do anything for the country while working with Jatiya Party. And out of that responsibility, he has taken the initiatives to form NDM.

Mentioning people have not achieved the democracy they expect, he told, "It is a matter of debate whether there is democracy in the country or not. His party will work for people's expected democracy. That's why, 'democratic movement' is added with the party name."

On the other hand, ATM Golam Mowla Chowdhury will be the president of the party. Everybody has seen him as the vice-chairman of the Jatiya Party. On the last October 7, he left Jatiya Party and get involved with the formation and development of NDM.

When asked about leaving Jatiya Party and joining NDM, he told, "Liberation War was held with a dream of Bangladesh that has not be fulfilled yet. So I have come to active politics to protest." He also added that once he has involved with anti-Ershad movement. However, BNP and Awami League could not meet the expectation of the people when they formed governments. That's why, he joined 'Jatiya Party' again.  

Golam Mowla alleged that he, joining the Jatiya Party, had seen that there was no practice of democracy in the party. Neither BNP nor Awami League could meet the expectations of the people. So they have taken the initiatives to form a new political party named 'Nationalist Democratic Party' by discussing with Bobby Hajjaj.

Expecting one day NDM will lead the country, he said, "Constitution is being prepared and at the beginning of the next year NDM will debut by announcing formal political declaration."