North Korea's hydrogen bomb a 'game changer'

Dhaka, Wednesday, 21 February 2018

North Korea's hydrogen bomb a 'game changer'

Poriborton Correspondent 5:32 pm, September 04, 2017

North Korea's hydrogen bomb a 'game changer'

Today the world woke up to a new reality - North Korea, the rogue nation that has for years warned of nuclear annihalition against anyone who dared threaten its despotic regime, has quite possibly developed a hydrogen bomb capable of being fitted onto a ballistic missile.

Global leaders were quick to denounce the latest illicit nuclear test, the nation's sixth, which is thought to have been 10 times more powerful than the last one in September 2016.

Pyongyang hailed the test as "perfect", while experts were more sceptical and urged caution over the claims.

Nevertheless it seems increasingly likely that Kim Jong Un will one day have a powerful nuclear capablity, unless something is done to stop the hermit state's aggressive armanent policy.

But what?

In the wake of this morning's blast, there were the familiar calls for even tougher sanctions against North Korea to try and stretch the country into submission. 

UK foreign secretary Boris Johnson said: "There is no question that this is another provocation, it is reckless, what they are doing is they seem to be moving closer towards a hydrogen bomb which, if fitted to a successful missile, would unquestionably present a new order of threat.

"We have to consider how to respond and it's our view in the UK, overwhelmingly, that peaceful diplomatic means are the best.

"It's certainly our view that none of the military options are good. It is of course right to say that all options are on the table, but we really don't see an easy military solution."

French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel released a joint statement urging the United Nations Security Council to act.

"The international community must treat this new provocation with the utmost firmness, in order to bring North Korea to come back unconditionally to the path of dialogue and to proceed to the complete, verifiable and irreversible dismantling of its nuclear and ballistic programme," the statement said.

"This latest provocation by the ruler in Pyongyang has reached a new dimension.

"In addition to the United Nations Security Council, the European Union also has to act now.

"The Chancellor and the President expressed their support for a tightening of EU sanctions against North Korea.

Russia struck a more cautious tone, urging leaders to "keep cool " and "refrain from any actions that could lead to a further escalation of tensions."

Source: Express