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‘Dangal’ threatened with lawsuit

Poriborton News Desk / 4:58 pm, December 27,2016

Aamir Khan's new movie Dangal’ overwhelemed bollywood spectators. In four days, the movie has earned more than Rs 132 crore from local market.

At the same time, the critics are praising Dangal intensely and there is also an announcement  of tax-free show in Haryana. However the director and the producer of the movie have got a threat of lawsuit. Dangal is made based on the biography of wrestler Mahavir Phogut.

A friend of Mahavir Phogut, national wrestling coach PR Sandhi alleged this against the director and the producer of the movie. He alleged that he has been presented negatively deliberately in the movie to make it provocative.

He told the Kolkata daily Anandabazar, Mahavir is a very old friend of mine. I did not have any kind of trouble with him during the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. Whatever shown in the movie is baseless.”

The director did not use the real name of Sandhi in the movie. So it is assumed that the character of Pramod Kadam of the scene is made imitating him.

Sandhi said, “Geeta won the gold under my coaching. And Babita won silver. But in the movie, I don’t know yet why I am portrayed so negatively.”

Sandhi thinks that Aamir Khan and the unit lied in the cinema in order to make it a hit. He said, “If a national coach hold someone in the stadium, why others have not written about it yet? In fact everybody knows that it is not the truth. That’s why, they did not contact me during imaging of the movie. I did not expect this type of behavior.”

He also told that he will contact with Aamir Khan directly within two days. If Sandhi is not satisfied with the answer, he will go for legal steps. Meanwhile, he has already consulted with some lawyers about the matter.




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